Counseling Interns

As a Washington, Idaho & Colorado State Approved Supervisor, Zita trains graduate-level students in becoming capable, sex positive counselors. You are able to see Zita's interns as your counselor for only $25.00 per session. Zita's current interns are:

Spencer Davidson

Spencer Davidson (he/they)

Spencer is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Whitworth University under the supervision of Zita Nickeson, M.Ed., LMHC, LCPC, CST. Spencer also received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Whitworth University where he served as the lead student success coach and worked on research teams that focused on career counseling and groundbreaking therapist training models.

Spencer approaches therapy from a systemic and experiential lens, leaning into the partnership between self and body. He comes alongside his clients with compassion, curiosity, and non-judgement with the goal of helping them work towards embodiment and self-discovery. Spencer is passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ clients and has a particular interest in working with clients who have experienced religious or spiritual trauma. Spencer also works with clients who desire to re-partner with their own body, working from frameworks of body and fat positivity, disability advocacy, anti-dieting, and sex positivity (including kink and non- monogamy). Additionally, Spencer enjoys working with clients in emotionally committed relationships who want to develop more meaningful connections.

With Spencer, you can expect an accepting, warm and empowering counseling experience. Whatever your hopes are for therapy, Spencer will meet you exactly where you are and walk with you towards your goals using a variety of evidence-based practices.
As a studying clinician, Spencer is able to offer reduced rate counseling to individuals. To schedule an appointment, please email him at [email protected]

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